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Pine County Assessor
635 Northridge Dr NW
Suite 260
Pine City, MN 55063

Phone 320–591–1632
or toll free 800–450–7463 ext 1632

The Assessor's Office is here to help you with any property valuation issues, concerns or questions you might have. Below are the names and phone numbers of the office staff and appraisers. We are always willing to help as much as we can.

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Staff Name Responsibilities Direct Telephone Email
Lorri Hoursma  County Assessor

 Department oversight, sales studies, valuation, classification, and special program determinations.

 Troy Stewart Deputy County Assessor  Appraises properties in:

All commercial, industrial, and apartmernt properties within the county.

(320) 591-1636

 Jenny Christensen  Senior Appraiser

 Appraises properties in:

The Townships of Clover (including Pathfinder Village), Dell Grove, Windemere, and all campgrounds within the county.

(320) 591-1633
 Karen Stumne Appraiser  Appraises properties in:

The Townships of Birch Creek, Bruno, Crosby, Danforth, Fleming, Kerrick, Munch, Ogema, Park , Pine Lake, Sturgeon Lake, and the City of Denham.

(320) 591-1639
 Appraiser  Appraises properties in:

Askov City, Bruno City, Finlayson City, Henriette City, Hinckley City, Kerrick City, City of Pine City, Rutledge City, Sandstone City, Sturgeon Lake City, & Willow River City.

**Only the properties within city limits.  If you are outside city limits, you are in a township and should contact that appraiser.

(320) 591-1637  
 Molly Benoit  Appraiser  Appraises properties in:

The Townships of Chengwatana, Kettle River, Nickerson, & Pokegama.

(320) 591-1638
 Kim Kylander  Clerk

Specializes in Homesteads, Property Classification, Special Property Tax Programs, and Tax Calculations.

(320) 591-1632
Local Assessors

Properties located in the following townships/cities are appraised by private individuals, not county employees, who are contracted directly with the township/city:

The townships of: Arlone, Arna, Barry, Bremen, Brook Park, Finlayson, Hinckley, Mission Creek, New Dosey, Norman, Partridge, Pine City Township, Royalton, Sandstone Township, Wilma, and the cities of Brook Park and Rock Creek.

(320) 591-1634

County Assessor

Pine County Assessor
635 Northridge Dr NW
Suite 260
Pine City, MN 55063


P: 320–591–1632
F: 320-591-1640