Absentee Voting


You can vote early by using an absentee ballot, instead of voting in person at the polling place on Election Day. You can vote absentee by mail, in person, or by having a person you know pick up and deliver your ballot for you. Beginning with the August 9, 2016 Primary Election, any voter may vote absentee.

Absentee ballots are available 46 days before an election. In 2018, ballots will be ready starting June 29 for the Primary Election (August 14); and September 21 for the General Election (November 6).

You are now able to request an "Absentee Ballot" online through the Secretary of States website. Click the link below to the Secretary of State website and it will walk you through this process as well as give you information to vote absentee by filling out and mailing, faxing or emailing your Absentee Ballot Application to the Pine County Auditor's Office.

If you have questions regarding elections in Pine County, please call the Pine County Auditor-Treasurer's Office at 320-591-1670, toll free 1-800-450-7463 ext. 1670. You may fax your voter registration application or an absentee ballot application to 320-591-1671, you may email Elections or you may mail them to our office: Pine Couny Auditor's Office, Elections, 635 Northridge Dr NW, Suite 240, Pine City, MN 55063

Click here for the Secretary of State website.
Absentee Ballot Application