The following link will take you to the Secretary of State’s Web site. At their site you will be able to get information on Voter Eligibility, registering to vote, finding your polling place and districts, find out how you can vote by absentee ballot as well as obtain additional voting information. Also available is information pertaining to military/overseas voting, Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA), and much more. Click on ELECTION CENTER to access the above information.

You are now able to request an "Absentee Ballot" as well as "Register to Vote" online through the Secretary of States website.  Click below to the Secretary of State website: 

To register to vote, click on ELECTIONS AND VOTING, THEN REGISTER TO VOTE. 

To vote absentee click on ELECTIONS AND VOTING, OTHER WAYS TO VOTE, THEN VOTE BY MAIL.  You will then be able to fill out an ABSENTEE BALLOT APPLICATION that will be submitted to the Secretary of State's office which will send the application to whichever county in MN you reside in.

If you have questions regarding elections in Pine County, please call the Pine County Auditor-Treasurer's Office at 320-591-1670, toll free 1-800-450-7463 ext. 1670. You may fax your voter registration application or an absentee ballot application to 320-591-1671, or you may email Elections or you may mail them to our office:  Pine Couny Auditor's Office, Elections, 635 Northridge Dr NW,  Suite 240, Pine City, MN  55063
Click here for the Secretary of State website.

Click here for the MyBallot Online Tool.

Click here for Voter Registration Information.

Click here for Absentee Voter Information. 

Minnesota Voter Registration Application
Election Judge Handout
Absentee Ballot Application