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preaIn accordance with the National Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003, the Pine County Jail has a policy of zero tolerance of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Affirmative measures are in place to protect all inmates from sexual abuse and harassment while in this facility. The Pine County Jail promptly and thoroughly investigates all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

All inmates are encouraged to report to staff if he/she has been victimized or has knowledge of sexual abuse, sexual harassment or staff sexual misconduct while under the custody and care of the Pine County Jail.

Inmates have several options to report sexual abuse or harassment:
• Talk directly to any staff or volunteer
• Send a report ("kite") to Jail Administration
• Call the offender helpline posted in each unit
• Call WINDOW Victim Services at 320-384-7113
• Call a Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Community Advocate at 866-867-4006

Any person may report any allegation on the behalf of any inmate to Pine County Jail Administration at 320-591-1452 or 320-591-1458.

Anyone who falsely reports an alleged sexual abuse, sexual harassment or staff sexual misconduct incident will be held accountable through all means available to the Pine County Jail and Pine County Sheriff's office.

The Pine County Jail is required to undergo a PREA audit every 3 years. Our last audit was in 2016. Our facility is scheduled for a PREA Audit in January of 2019.

In 2017 Pine County Jail received 10 PREA violation reports from inmates. Six reports were determined to be unfounded allegations prior to being sent for administrative review. The PREA Coordinator and/or Administration completed reviews and agreed with those findings. Two reports were found to be unsubstantiated after administrative investigations. Two reports were sent to PREA investigators; one was found to be unsubstantiated and one was determined to be substantiated and subsequently sent to the county attorney's office for possible charges. A table outlining the 2017 data is below:

  Inmate on Inmate ComplaintsStaff on Inmate Complaints
Reported in 2017 Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment
Unfounded Allegations 0 5 1 0
Unsubstantiated Allegation 1 1 0 0
Substantiated Allegation 0 2 0 0


PREA Audit (2016)

If you are in danger call 911

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Helpful Links
W.I.N.D.O.W Victim Services
(320) 384-7113

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Crisis Resources
(320) 532-7539
(320) 630-2687

USDOJ: PREA Standards