Snowmobile, ATV & Recreational Trails


A number of snowmobile, ATV, off highway vehicle (OHV) & recreational trail opportunities exist in Pine County.  Many of these trails are maintained and operated by local clubs through funding from the Minnesota DNR grant-in-aid trail program. 

Riding along roadways and in public right-of-way is restricted and prohibited in accordance with State Law.  Please know the laws and enjoy your ride.  At the bottom of this page is a new Pine County ATV public right of way policy, if you are a recognized club member we encourage you to explore your trail expansion options through this policy.

Trails are located on State Forest lands, County managed tax forfeit lands, and private property throughout the County.  PLEASE RIDE RESPONSIBLY, many landowners have been kind enough to provide easements across their properties.  Protect and appreciate their lands by remaining on marked trails.  

Please contact the Moose Lake DNR Trails and Waterways office and the links below for more information and trail resources on the numerous multi-use (ATV, OHV, Snowmobile, Skiing, Biking etc.) trails in the area - or 218-485-5410. 

ATV / OHV riders are encouraged to view the MN Department of Natural Resources off highway vehicle site at  and the local and sites.  

Snowmobile enthusiasts are encouraged to view the MN Department of Natural Resources site at and the local and web sites for great local information and maps.

A sampling of the recognized trails in Pine County include:

To get involved and learn more about Pine County area Snowmobile/ATV/OHV riding oportunities and local trail efforts please visit the following club web sites and/or contact the listed volunteer representatives:  

  • Terry Peterson, Soo Line South ATV Trail and Northern Pine Riders Snowmobile trails, PO Box 28, Willow River, MN  55795; 218-372-4077,
  • Hinckley - Pine City Flames Snowmobile Club, P.O. Box 311, Pine City, MN  55063; (320) 629-7958;
  • Ken Fastner, Straight Arrow OHM/ATV Club, northeast portion Nemadji State Forest trails, 651-456-0224; 
  • Josh Mohr, Pine Riders ATV Club, PO Box 16, Pine City, MN  55063; Chengwatana ATV Trails, 320-629-7869; 
  • Washington/Ramsey Wheelers, PO Box 9398, North St. Paul, MN  55109; north-central Nemadji State Forest Trails, 651-433-2875


7.05.11 Pine County Public Right OfWay Trail Policy A new policy adopted by the Pine County Board allowing recognized clubs the option of proposing corridor trails along the right half of existing public roadways.