County Zoning Initiative

Planning and Zoning
On January 21, 2020 the Pine County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing and considere adoption of the Pine County Zoning Ordinance. This Ordinance will only be in effect within townships and cities that have passed resolutions, "optin-in" to County administered Zoning.

At the time of adoption consideration, the City of Kerrick, City of Denham, and Nickerson Township  will be considered "opted-in."

Final Draft of Pine County Zoning Ordinance, being considered for adoption.


The Pine County Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2017 has a variety of goals pertaining to agriculture, economic and community development, recreation, natural resources, education, and transportation and infrastructure. One of the recommendations to address several of these goal areas is a county zoning ordinance. The Pine County Zoning Board reviewed options for a county zoning ordinance at their February 22, 2018 meeting and made recommendations to the County Board for their consideration. On March 16, 2018 Pine County Commissioners held a committee-of-the-whole meeting regarding the topic and took input from cities, townships, and general citizens. This was followed with Board consensus on April 17, 2018 to draft a county zoning ordinance based on the following principles:

Initiative Principles

The Pine County Zoning Initiative will provide a framework for a county zoning ordinance which is formulated under a provision by only adopting county zoning maps in those townships which pass resolutions to opt-in. Townships are not required to have ordinances which are as strict as the County’s. The purpose of the County’s zoning initiative is:

  1. Provide flexibility at the township level to choose county zoning, township zoning, or no zoning;

  2. Promote orderly growth and development in a manner appropriate to the locality;

  3. Stage development for efficient delivery of public services and limit congestion and promote safety along rights-of-way;

  4. Protect community appeal from incompatible land uses;

  5. Preserve natural resources and environmental quality; and 

  6. Protect property values and county liability for tax forfeited properties

County Zoning Initiative Outline
County Zoning Innitiative Timeline