County Zoning Initiative

Planning and Zoning

Public Meetings Planned for November 1st and 5th

Effective 10/8/2018 the County Zoning Department has completed a draft of the Zoning Ordinance's districts, their purposes, lot standards,  and allowed uses. Additional informational documents have been drafted, describing density zoning for the agricultural district. The draft documents are provided below.

District Purposes and Lot Standards
Allowed Uses by District
Density Zoning Description/Procedure
Density Zoning Case Studies

Residents are invited to two public meetings that have been scheduled to discuss the draft.

Thursday November 1, 2018, 6:30pm, at the Pine County History Center
                  6333 H C Andersen Alle, Askov
Monday November 5, 2018, 6:30pm, at the Pine County Courthouse Boardroom
                  635 Northridge Dr NW, Pine City


The Pine County Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2017 has a variety of goals pertaining to agriculture, economic and community development, recreation, natural resources, education, and transportation and infrastructure. One of the recommendations to address several of these goal areas is a county zoning ordinance. The Pine County Zoning Board reviewed options for a county zoning ordinance at their February 22, 2018 meeting and made recommendations to the County Board for their consideration. On March 16, 2018 Pine County Commissioners held a committee-of-the-whole meeting regarding the topic and took input from cities, townships, and general citizens. This was followed with Board consensus on April 17, 2018 to draft a county zoning ordinance based on the following principles:

Initiative Principles

The Pine County Zoning Initiative will provide a framework for a county zoning ordinance which is formulated under a provision by only adopting county zoning maps in those townships which pass resolutions to opt-in. Townships are not required to have ordinances which are as strict as the County’s. The purpose of the County’s zoning initiative is:

  1. Provide flexibility at the township level to choose county zoning, township zoning, or no zoning;

  2. Promote orderly growth and development in a manner appropriate to the locality;

  3. Stage development for efficient delivery of public services and limit congestion and promote safety along rights-of-way;

  4. Protect community appeal from incompatible land uses;

  5. Preserve natural resources and environmental quality; and 

  6. Protect property values and county liability for tax forfeited properties

County Zoning Initiative Outline
County Zoning Innitiative Timeline