Public Works

Access/Entrance Permits
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for access/entrance onto Pine County right of way for residential or commercial entrances. No access/entrance shall be constructed, removed, or altered in any way.
Access/Entrance fees are Residential $500 or Commericial $600.00.

Move Permits
Moving permits are required to move anything on Pine County road that measures greater than 8’ wide or 14’ high. There is no cost for either a one time or annual move.
Please contact our office at 320-216-4200 to log in a move.

Utility Permits
This type of permit is required for the placement, removal, repair or relocation of any utility within county right of way.

Adopt A Highway Program
It is a Pine County public service program for volunteers to pick up litter along Pine County highways. It enables the counties environmentally conscious citizens to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment. Community groups, churches, individuals or businesses adopt a highway by picking up litter on both sides for at least two years.