STS Program Enrollment

The Pine County Sentence to Service (STS) Program is run by the Sheriff and is a program in which allows low-risk offenders provide community service rather than just serving time.

On your report date, let the Programs Staff know you are interested in the STS program.  An "Inmate STS Eligibility Questionnaire" can be printed online or picked up from the programs staff prior to incarceration. You must fill this form out completely and bring it with you on the day of your incarceration to begin the enrollment process.

All current base fines or any other delinquent fines will be worked off at the rate of $50.00 per 8  hours of work before you are allowed to work off jail time.  Additional STS Program requirements are detailed in the packet that you will receive.

The jail will supply clothing, bedding and hygiene items.  All other personal property will be inventoried and stored for you.  Please bring a minimum amount of personal property.  You are allowed three (2) sets of clothing (including the set you wear into the jail).

If you require presciption medication, you must bring a current bottle of medication appropriately labled.

If you have questions, please contact Jail Programming at (320)591-1450 or (320)629-8426.


Inmate STS Eligibility Questionnaire