2022 Redistricting

Following each  decennial Census, the redistricting process redraws the boundaries of election districts to ensure the people of the district are equally represented. 

In Minnesota, the State is responsible for redistricting the Congressional and Legislative districts.   A special panel appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court was tasked with redrawing these districts and released their final report on February 15, 2022.  For Pine County the end result was:

  • There were no changes to the US Senator or US Representative districts. 
  • All of Pine County remained District 11 for  State Senator as it was previously; however, this district did shift south to now include Nessel Township, Rusheba Township and Rush City in Chisago County. 
  •  The State House of Representative Districts shifted south as follows: 
    • Birch Creek Township, Bruno Township, New Dosey Township, Nickerson Township, Norman Township, Park Township, Sturgeon Lake Township, Bruno City, Denham City, Kerrick City, and Precinct 1 of Sturgeon Lake City all previously were in House District 11B; but are now House District 11A.  Previously only Kerrick Township, Windemere Township, and Precinct 2 of Sturgeon Lake City were 11A.   This map better describes this change.
    • 11B lost of the above noted townships and cities, but gained Nessel Township, Rusheba Township and Rush City in Chisago County.
The next steps were for the cities, townships, and county to consider redistricting.  Cities and Townships needed must act no later than March 29, 2022.  The only city or township in Pine County that had more than one precinct previously was Sturgeon Lake City, because it was split between State House Districts; however, after the districting noted above of State House Districts, Sturgeon Lake City was no longer split and could revert back to a single precinct.     

The last step was for County Commissioners to consider redistricting their districts no later than April 26, 2022.  Following a meeting on April 5, 2022, the Commissioners decided to reaffirm the previous districts and make no changes.  

Pine County Board Presentation - November 2, 2021
This very preliminary presentation reviewed the basic data for Pine County Commissioner Districts, reviewed the criteria for requirements of redistricting, and gave some redistricting options. 
District Population Comparisons 2010 to 2020