Elections & COVID


Polling Places

Most polling places are open as normal for the November 3, 2020 election.  The locations and times of the polling places can be found on the Secretary of State's polling place finder or the County's quick reference guide if you know which township or city you live in. 

If your township or city is a mail ballot jurisdiction, you can find out more information about that process here.  It is important to note that most townships and cities have been mail ballot for years and this decision was not due to COVID, but small numbers of registered voters. 

All polling places do require face masks to be worn by voters and election judges.  If you are unable to wear a face mask due to medical reasons, you are encouraged to wear a face sheild instead; however, you cannot be turned away from the polling place.

All polling places are setup with social distancing in mind and having cleaning protocols in place. 

How to Vote if Quarantined or if You are Not Feeling Well on Election Day

If you are quarantined on or before election day or are not feeling well on election day, you have several options to still vote:

                      1.) If there is time, you can request a ballot be mailed to you.  The quickest way to do this is to  
                          complete an absentee ballot application online.  To return your ballot you may mail it back   
                          (as long as it is postmarked by election day and received within 7 days of the election it will
                          still be counted)  or drop the ballot in the drop box outside the Pine County Courthouse, 635 
                          Northridge Dr NW, Pine City, MN directly across from the main doors.

                     2.) Vote "curbside" from your vehicle.  To do so prior to election day, you must visit the
                          Courthouse in Pine City.  Please call 320-591-1670 or email elections@co.pine.mn.us to setup   
                          an appointment.  To do so at your polling place on election day, communicate with the
                          township clerk or city about the process.

                    3.) If it is within 7 days of the election, you may have an agent pick up your ballot and bring it to 
                         you.  This process is further described here