Elections Article Series

kschroeder (2)

During the 2022 elections cycle, County Auditor-Treasurer Kelly Schroeder will be writing a series of articles for the local newspapers:

Article 1 - Elections 101
Article 2 - Mail Ballot Voting, what is this all about?
Article 3 - Mail Ballot Voting, who does it and why?
Article 4 - Absentee Voting Applications
Article 5 - Absentee Voting Ballot Packets and Process

Articles on the following topics coming soon:

  • How absentee and mail ballots are processed
  • What's with the primary election?
  • Voter Registration
  • Are deceased people voting?
  • Serving as an election judge
  • What is "party balance"?
  • Polling Place Conduct
  • Vote tabulation in Pine County
  • Public Accuracy Tests
  • Canvassing Board
  • Post election review
  • Any others!