Filing for Office

The filing period for the 2020 General Election is complete.  To find out what and who is on your ballot, visit the Secretary of State's web site.  

2020 Guide for Candidates
Affidavit of Candidacy
Candidate Information Form (Voluntary)
Campaign Manual
Campaign Finance State Senate Packet
Campaign Finance State House of Representatives Packet
Campaign Finance Appellate Court Judge Packet
Campaign Finance District Court Judge Packet
Campaign Finance Report - File within 14 days of $750 in contributions or distributions
DOT Signs in Right-of-Way
IRS Fact Sheet
Attorney General Auto-Dialing Memo
Campaign Finance Cybersecurity Memo
Affidavit of Withdrawal 

Additionally, candidates can request the following information from the Secretary of State's office:
Registered Voter List Request
Map Order Form
Accepted Absentee Ballot List Request
Polling Place Request Form
Precinct Finder Request