Mail Ballot Jurisdictions

Minnesota Statute 204B.45 allows towns of any size not located in a metropolitan county or a city having fewer than 400 registered voter to conduct balloting by mail. 

For the 2021 and moving forward, Pine County has 15 jurisdictions conducting their federal and state elections in this manner (listed below).  Many of these town and cities have been voting in this manner for years due to their small number of registered voters.  It is important to note this is a local decision and can be changed at least 14 weeks before the next election. 

 Brook Park City  Kerrick City
 Bruno City  Kerrick Township
 Bruno Township  New Dosey Township
 Danforth Township  Nickerson Township
 Denham City  Norman Township
 Finlayson City  Park Township
 Fleming Township  Willow River City
 Henriette City  

If you live in one of the above referenced townships or cities, your local polling place will not be open on election day.  You should receive your ballot automatically in the mail 46 days prior to the next election if you are registered to vote.  If you did not receive a ballot and had expected to or are not registered to vote, please contact the Auditor's office at 320-591-1670 or email

You may also visit the Courthouse to vote in person.  Please bring the ballot you received in the mail with you.