Tax Credits

Economic Development

Several business tax credit programs are available to Minnesota businesses:

  • Angel Tax Credit - Offers a refundable 25% credit to investors or investment funds that put money into startup companies focused on high technology or new proprietary technology.
  • Data Centers Tax Credit - Companies that build data or networks operation
    centers of at least 25,000 square feet and invest $30 million qualify for sales tax exemptions for 20 years, and they also pay no personal property tax.
  • Research and Development Tax Credit - The tax credit for R&D expenditures is 10 percent, up to the first $2 million in eligible expenses.  The credit is 2.5 percent for eligible expenses above $2 million.
  • Greater Minnesota Business Expansion Tax Credits - Provides sales tax rebates to existing businesses located in Greater Minnesota, including Pine County, that meet eligibility requirements of job creation and wage levels.

    Tax Credit Programs  The tab at Minnesota DEED on tax credit programs.