Adult Mental Health

Health and Human Services
Adult Mental Health

Pine County provides case management services for eligible residents who have been diagnosed by a mental health professional with a severe and persistent mental illness.

Case management services may assist in gaining access to needed services regarding

  • Education,
  • Health,
  • Mental health,
  • Social,
  • Vocational,
  • And other necessary services as they relate to the client's mental health needs.

Case managers will assist an individual in completing and/or monitoring:

  • Functional assessments
  • Individual community support plans
  • Refer and assist the person to obtain needed mental health and other services
  • Ensure coordination of services
  • Delivery of services.

Case managers must assess and reassess the delivery, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services over time.

Mental Health diagnoses include:

•  Bipolar disorder •  Major depression •  Schizophrenia •  Borderline personality disorder 

Civil Commitment

Civil commitment is the legal process by which a court orders mental health treatment. Medical and legal professionals both play a role in civil commitment. Voluntary treatment is always preferred; however, if commitment is necessary, the goal is to provide appropriate care while maintaining the rights of the individual.