Child Protection

Health and Human Services

Pine County Human Services is available during working hours to receive reports of child maltreatment (abuse or neglect).  Upon making a decision to assess the allegation of abuse or neglect, Human Services' activities include:

  • Coordination with law enforcement and the county attorney's office or juvenile court
  • Observations of children
  • Interviews with children and parents or other caretakers of children
  • Collateral interviews
  • Safety and Risk assessment
  • Record checks

It may also include development of a case plan for the family.

Program Information

Family Assessment Response is based on the belief that parents love their children and want them to be safe. Sometimes parents need help to make that happen. Family Assessment Response can provide that help. It is a program that responds to concerns about child abuse and neglect by:

  • Ensuring children are safe
  • Avoiding negative labels for parents
  • Setting aside the issue of fault
  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Identifying families' needs
  • Providing services and resources matched to families' needs
  • Building on parents' and communities' strengths and resources

Traditional Child Protection Response is also based on the belief that parents love their children and want them to be safe. However, Minnesota laws require that the Traditional Child Protection Response be followed in certain situations including, but not limited to, sexual abuse and severe physical abuse. Traditional child protection response may involve the juvenile court.

Anyone may report suspected child maltreatment.  Certain professionals are required to report suspected child maltreatment.

To report a situation of suspected child maltreatment

  • During regular business hours:  Contact the Pine County Human Services Department at 320-591-1570 or 1-800-450-7463, ext 1570 or Pine County Sheriff's Department at 320-629-8380 
  • After normal business hours: Contact the Pine County Sheriff's Department at 320-629-8380 
  • Email us at:

Download the Child Abuse Reporting Form
Download the Home Alone Guidelines

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Data Practices Requests
For more information about the Government data Practices Act, How to Make a Data Request (including the form), How we respond to a Data Request, Requests for Summary Data, Copy Costs, and Data Practices Contacts, please click here for Section 38: Right to Access Public Data of the Pine County Policies and Procedures reference.

Additional Information 

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