Child Support for Custodial Parents: Did you Know???

Health and Human Services
The IVR line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The line will tell you what payments have been received, and what payments have been issued to you. The line is updated nightly and is current with the information from the previous day. Hotline number is 1-800-657-3512.

• The child support office does not get payment information any sooner than the IVR line.  Please call the hotline number above for all payment inquiries.

• The Payment Center will not reissue a lost or missing check until it has been at least 10 days since the issue date.

• The child support office does not automatically review the child support amount when new job information is received. If you believe that the other parent’s income is significantly higher than it was when your order was set, contact your worker to discuss options.

• The child support office cannot give you legal advice.

• The child support office does not handle custody and visitation issues.

• Obligors are required to call with their new employer information. If you have new employer information on the other parent, please call your Child Support Officer right away.

• Each time a new employer is notified of income withholding, there is approximately a 30 day delay to receive payment.

• NEVER call the other parent’s employer directly. Call your Child Support Office if you have concerns.

• The Post Office will not forward child support checks. If they cannot be delivered to your address, they will be returned to the payment center. You should inform us of your new address as soon as you know it.

• Payment amounts may vary. Our system charges child support month by month, but the employer will send payments based on their payroll schedule. If the other parent is paid weekly, the employer will take the monthly support obligation times 12 months, and will divide by 52 weeks to determine the payment amount. Our system cannot release more than what is owed regardless of what is received.

• If the other parent has other support obligations in Minnesota, incoming payments will be divided between the cases based on the total amount owed on each case, and the type of support owed on each case.

• By law, employers have 7 BUSINESS days to send in payments. You should allow 7 business days, plus 3 business days for mailing before calling the payment hotline to verify the payment.  If you suspect a payment is missing, then contact the support office.  Your child support officer cannot call the employer until it has been at least 10 days since the payroll date.

• If you wish to have the child support office speak with someone else about your case, you must sign a release authorizing us to do so. The release is good for 1 year.

• You SHOULD NOT accept direct payments from the other parent. This will cause the account to appear delinquent and the other parent may not be given credit for the direct payment. If you receive assistance, you could be sanctioned for non-cooperation. All payments must be made to the payment center, and will then be issued to you.

• All tax intercept payments received from State or Federal tax refunds must be held to allow the Department of Revenue or the IRS to correct any errors, or to allow time for injured spouse claims to be filed. Single intercepts are held 30 days, and joint intercepts are held for 180 days.  We can release State joint tax intercepts early with permission from the obligor's spouse and waiver forms are available through your child support office.  Federal joint tax intercepts are held until the IRS determines injured spouse claims or the 180 days and cannot be released early by child support staff.

• Expect delays in payments on or after Holidays.

• Cost of Living Adjustments are done automatically biannually on Minnesota court orders. The  adjustments are not based on your income. The increase is based on changes in the cost of living.  You will receive notice of the change by mail approximately 30 days before the change is to go into effect.

• NonPublic Assistance applicants will have a 2 percent fee deducted from the amount of support we collect and send to you, to help pay for the cost of providing child support services. 

What could the 2% fee mean for you?

Monthly Collection of $500.00
2% fee on that collection equals $10.00
When the fee begins, you have a choice to continue to receive your child support through the Minnesota Child Support Program or to close your case.

  • In the case of an individual who has never received assistance and for whom the public authority has collected at least $500 of support, they must charge an annual collection fee of $25 for each case in addition to the 2% fee.
  • In the case of an individual who is not receiving assistance, the agency must charge a $25 fee for each successful federal tax interception.