Child Support for Non-Custodial Parents: Did you Know???

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Did you Know?

• The IVR line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The line will tell you what payments have been received, what your account balance is, and what payments have been issued to the custodial parent. The line is updated nightly and is current with the information from the previous day. Hotline number is 1-800-657-3512.

• If you have an address change or change in employment, you must report it to the child support office immediately. Failure to report may result in delinquency and further enforcement actions being taken.

• Billing statements are issued monthly on cases where payments are not coming thru income withholding. They reflect only the payments received at the payment center before the 1st of the month. You will receive the statement by the 10th day of the month. 

• The child support office does not automatically review the child support amount when new job information is received. If you believe that your income is significantly higher or lower than it was at the time the order was set, contact your worker to discuss options.

• The child support office cannot give you legal advice.

• The child support office does not handle custody and visitation issues.

• Cost of Living Adjustments are done automatically biannually on Minnesota court orders. The  adjustments are not based on your income. The increase is based on changes in the cost of living.  Notice of the adjustment will be mailed to your last known address.

• Each time a new employer is notified of income withholding, please be aware there is approximately a 30 day delay before the custodial parent will receive payment. You are responsible to make your payments in the mean time.

• The Post Office will not forward child support documents. If the documents cannot be delivered to your address, they will be returned to the child support office. You should inform us of your new address as soon as you know it.

• If you have other support obligations in Minnesota, incoming payments will be divided between the cases based on the total amount owed on each case, and the type of support owed on each case.

• If you wish to have the child support office speak with someone else about your case, you can sign a release authorizing us to do so. The release is good for 1 year.

• Once the child support office is involved you SHOULD NOT make direct payments to the other parent. This will cause the account to appear delinquent and you may not be given credit for the direct payment. All payments must be made to the payment center, and will then be issued to custodial parent.

• Each time a new employer is reported, you need to make your payments to the payment center until income withholding begins coming out of your paycheck.  You are responsible to make your payments in the mean time.

• All tax intercept payments received from State or Federal tax refunds must be held to allow the Department of Revenue or the IRS to correct any errors, or to allow time for injured spouse claims to be filed. Single intercepts are held 30 days, and joint intercepts are held for 180 days. We can release State joint tax intercepts early with permission from the obligor's spouse and waiver forms are available through your child support officer.  Federal joint tax intercepts are held until the IRS determines injured spouse claims or the 180 days and cannot be released early by child support staff.

• Depending on your court order, after the last child emancipates our office will stop charging current support but will continue collection efforts on past-due child support. If there is no past due child support owed, the case will close.  See Emancipation section for more on this.

• Obligors (NCP) who applied for child support enforcement services a fee of two percent (2%) of their monthly court-ordered child support and maintenance obligations. 

  • For example, if your monthly obligation is $150, your fee is $3.00. The amount you owe is $153.00.  Unpaid Fees will remain due and will be collected through child support enforcement tools.
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