Children's Disability Services

Health and Human Services

Case Management is designed to serve families with children who have severe emotional and behavioral disturbances. In a culturally sensitive manner, case managers help families:
  • Develop a treatment plan and a crisis plan
  • Provide information about and referral to community resources
  • Create a supportive team of family, professionals, and community members
  • Assist parents in advocating for their child’s mental health needs
  • Access respite care and other supports


In order to receive case management services:

  • A child must have a current SED diagnosis
  • The child must reside with legal placement in Pine County
  • The child’s family must request or consent to services

Children's Mental Health Crisis Services:

Phone: 888-396-2015 or 320-396-2015, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily.

Children's Mental Health Crisis Services are for children ages 0-17.  These services include: Mobile Rapid Crisis Assessment, Stabilization and Intervention Services, Community Outreach, and assistance obtaining services.

Minnesota Dept of Human Services: Children's Mental Health

CMH Referral Form

Medical Assistance (TEFRA)
To find out more about Financial and Medical Assistance, click here.

School to Independence Transition Services for Disabled Persons

Transition Services (16-22 years of age)

The transition years are an exciting and challenging time of change for adolescents, young adults and their families. Youth face many issues that a Pine County Case Manager who specializes in transition can help address. Some of these include: turning 18; change from children's resources to adult resources; new adult resources which may now be available; exploring adult living and vocational services; and guardianship. Schools address this transition age from age 14 until a person leaves public education. Pine County Health and Human Services attempts to match this as closely as possible so transition services are coordinated between County and Schools.

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