Family Child Care

Health and Human Services

Finding a Child Care Provider

When it comes to looking for child care, you want the best for your child.  Research shows that high quality child care can have a positive impact on a child’s overall development.  Finding high quality child care is very important for your child’s well-being.

Child Care Aware of Minnesota

Contact Child Care Aware of Minnesota toll free at 888-291-9811 for free individual assistance from a child care referral specialist, who will search for child care that meets your specific needs.  You can also search on their website to find child care programs near you.

Minnesota Department of Human Services/Licensing Lookup

To find information about licensed providers in Minnesota,

To register a complaint about a licensed family child care home, call Licensing at 320-591-1614.

If the situation involves a possible child protection issue, you may also want to contact Pine County Child Protection at 320-591-1581.

To register a complaint about an unlicensed provider who is operating illegally (caring for children from multiple families), please call Licensing at 320-591-1614.

Pine County is required to investigate all possible violations of child care licensing rules.  The provider will be told of the allegations, but information pertaining to the reporter will be kept confidential.