Cash Assistance

Financial Assistance
Cash Assistance:

There are 6 different Cash Assistance programs that adults and/or families can apply for in MN. Here is a brief explanation of the programs and the populations who may qualify:

The DWP or MFIP programs are two cash programs for low income pregnant women and families with minor children.
      MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program) is to assist pregnant women/families move out of poverty through various employment services resources and work opportunities. MFIP for most families is limited to 60 months.

       DWP (Diversionary Work Program) is a 4 month program to assist pregnant women/families to find employment. DWP clients work directly with our Employment Services Provider Central MN Jobs and Training (CMJTS) to develop an employment plan prior to benefits being approved. 

The GA and MSA programs are for married couples and/or single adults.
       General Assistance (GA) is a state funded program for low income adults without minor children/married couples who are not eligible for other programs. Typically there must be a disability or reason an adult is unable to work to qualify for this program. 

       Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA) is also a state funded program that provides cash assistance to people who are on SSI, blind, over 65 years old, and disabled people 18 years and older. 

The Housing Support program is for adults.
       Housing Support (HS) is also formally known as Group Residential Housing (GRH). This is a state funded program that can provide room and board for those living in licensed group living homes who get SSI (or would be eligible for SSI except for excess income), blind, over 65 years old, disabled people 18 years and older, or meet GA program requirements. 

The Refugee Programs are for people who now reside in Minnesota.
     Refugee Cash Assistance is for refugees who have been in the USA for 8 months or less and meet eligibility requirements. 

Pine County adults receiving public assistance (MFIP/DWP) will be referred to CMJTS by their county financial worker, as appropriate. For more information about CMJTS and the services they provide, please click here .

Safe At Home (SAH) Program is a Minnesota address confidentiality program that assists survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking by providing a substitute address for people who move or are about to move to a new location unknown to their aggressors. The Minnesota Secretary of State’s office administers this program. If you are a participate of this program, please notify your worker right away. Your information is kept confidential and we will work with you regarding notices, delays in getting your mail, etc. For more information on the Safe at Home Program, including information about finding a shelter, or enrolling in the program please visit their website at


How to Apply Online:

Brochure of Information:
Electronic Funds Transfer for DWP, MFIP, GA, MSA or RCA benefits brochure

Central MN Jobs and Training (CMJTS) New Employment Services Provider for DWP/MFIP:
Click here for information on CMJTS' public assistance programs.
Click here for CMJTS' contact information.

Pine County 2024-2025 biennial service plan for MFIP/DWP programs is available here.
If you have any feedback regarding our next biennial service plan or about the MFIP/DWP Programs in general, please send an email to Michelle, Financial Assistance Supervisor. 

If you have any questions, please contact our agency by phone 320-216-4100/320-591-1570 or email