Cash Assistance

Financial Assistance
                                                             Cash Assistance:

There are a variety of Cash Assistance programs that adults and/or families can apply for in MN. Here is a brief explanation of the programs and the populations who may qualify:
The DWP or MFIP programs are for pregnant women and families with minor children.
The GA and MSA programs are for married couples and/or single adults.
The Housing Support program is for adults.
The Refugee Programs are for Refugees who now reside in Minnesota.

Pine County adults receiving public assistance (MFIP/DWP) will be referred to CMJTS by their county financial worker, as appropriate. For more information about CMJTS and the services they provide, please click here .


How to Apply Online:

Brochure of Information:
Electronic Funds Transfer for DWP, MFIP, GA, MSA or RCA benefits brochure

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