Child Care Providers

Financial Assistance
Pine County is currently in the process of switching from paper vouchers to MEC2 Pro for Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) providers for families and centers to submit bills electronically effective 1/1/2022 for new providers. 

MEC² is a tool for Minnesota’s counties to administer CCAP. It assists counties in determining family eligibility, making payments to child care providers, tracking child care expenditures and ensuring program integrity.

MEC2 PRO is an electronic billing application that works with MEC2 and allows providers to submit bills for CCAP services to counties or county-contracted servicing agencies using a secure internet process. MEC2 PRO allows providers to post billing information, view current and past submitted bills, and update data that has been entered. Additionally, MEC2 PRO contains links to remittance advices, reports and county contacts.

Important information to know about MEC2 Pro:
* Staff must view and approve bills in MEC2 before payment is sent.
* A parents signature is not required policy, however if you have questions/concerns, please contact our agency right away.

For more information or to view the MEC2 Pro Provider Manual, please click here.

More information will be emailed to providers in the near future. 

If you have any questions about CCAP providers, please contact Arlene at our agency by phone 320-216-4137 or email Arlene at Thank you.