County-Paid Burial

Financial Assistance

When a person dies without apparent means to provide for burial or final disposition, the county board shall first investigate to determine whether that individual had contracted for any prepaid funeral arrangements. If it is determined that the person did not leave sufficient means to defray the necessary expenses of a funeral and final disposition, nor any spouse of sufficient ability to procure the burial; pursuant to Minnesota Statute #261.035, Pine County shall cause a burial to be made at county expense, per the schedule established by the County Board.

All county paid funerals must be prior authorized. Any person lawfully authorized to make arrangements for burial of decedent must complete an application for a County-Paid Burial. This application must be done prior to the arrangements with the funeral time. The deceased person must meet the county approved criteria. If the deceased person is not eligible for County-Paid Burial, then the responsible parties will need to work with the funeral homes for payment.

If arrangements must be made during a period that the office is closed, contact may be made the next working day.

Pine County determines method of final disposition when:

1. The wishes of the decedent are unknown, and

2. The location of next of kin is unknown.

3. Eligibility is based on a lack of resources of the decedent and/or responsible relative.

To apply:

  • Complete the Pine County Burial application by going to the Pine City or Sandstone office locations. An interview is likely to be done when you drop off the application. Proofs of income and assets would also be required, please bring those to your appointment so a determination can be made in a timely manner. 

Please contact our agency if you have any questions/concerns at 800-450-7463 Extension 1570 or 4100