Health Care Assistance

Financial Assistance
Minnesota has health care programs to meet the needs of different people. Some programs help people who have little to no income. Other programs help people who work but do not have access to affordable health insurance. Coverage and out-of-pocket costs vary depending on the program for which you qualify. Some people can get coverage at no cost.

MA (Medical Assistance) is Minnesota’s Medicaid Program for people with low income.

Exception: The following people should NOT apply through MNSure, but need to apply with an Application for Certain Populations, which is processed in the county system: Anyone 65 years old or older. Anyone requesting help with Medicare costs only. Any child in foster care. Anyone who is over 21 years old with no dependents and has Medicare coverage. Anyone who receives SSI income. Anyone applying for Medical Assistance for Employed Person with Disabilities. Anyone who lives or needs Long Term Care Services. To request an Application for Certain Populations or if you have questions about an exception, please contact the Sandstone or Pine City offices.

MinnesotaCare is a health care program for people with low income.

MinnesotaCare is funded by a state tax on MN hospitals and health care providers, basic health program funding, enrollee premiums, and cost sharing.

Tax Credits and/or Cost-Sharing Reductions are private programs determined and purchased through MNSure.

How to apply for MA, MinnesotaCare, Tax Credits, and/or Cost Sharing Reductions: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most people to apply online through the MNSure website at *

 If someone is looking for all health care programs to be looked at, including MA and MinnesotaCare, you must mark “yes” you want financial help when you start the application process for this program to be reviewed. **

 *MNSure is Minnesota's health insurance marketplace where individuals, families and small businesses can shop, compare and choose health insurance coverage that meets their needs. MNSure is the only place you can qualify for financial help that can lower the cost of your monthly insurance premium

 **Other options on how to apply for health care through MNSure: If you are unable to apply online you can contact Lakes and Pines to assist or help you apply by calling them at 800-832-6082 Option 4. If you are unable to apply online or through Lakes and Pines, there is a third option on how to apply by completing a paper MNSure application. Please note: Processing paper applications typically takes 45 days or longer. Therefore, we encourage you to apply online for the fastest and best results.

 Medicare Savings Programs is a program for people with low income on Medicare pay Medicare premiums and/or other Medicare costs.

How to apply for Medicare Savings Programs: A person would need to complete a Certain Populations Application at your local county office. You can also contact Senior Linkage Line or Disability HUB MN to assist you in applying.

Long Term Care Services is a program with a variety of services for people in need of long term care services in a nursing home or immediate care facility, or nursing facility level of care in an inpatient hospital and/or services to help someone stay in their home and other settings in their community through home and community based waiver programs. You must have an Long Term Care consultation (LTCC) assessment before this program can pay for services.

How to apply for Long Term Care Services: A person would need to complete an Application for Medical Assistance for Long Term Care Services (MA-LTC) at your local county office. You can also contact Senior Linkage Line or Disability HUB MN to assist you in applying.

 Seniors can call the Senior LinkAge Line at 800-333-2433 or by visiting their website for additional resources.

 People with disabilities can call the Disability HUB MN (formally the Disability Linkage Line) at 866-333-2466 or by visiting their website for additional resources.

 For more information, resources, forms, and/or other helpful information about MN Health Care Programs please visit the MN Department of Human Services website at You can also contact the Sandstone and/or Pine City Human Services Office during office hours.

Medical Transportation Services: 
Pine County contracts with MTM for all Medical Transportation Services for people on Medical Assistance.
Medical Transportation Management (MTM)
Or call: 866-467-1724

Help with MNSure applications:
Lakes and Pines CAC Inc
Or Call 800-832-6082 Opt 4
Or Email

Apply Online: 

Biennial Health Care Access Services Plan:
Jan 1, 2020 - Dec 31 2020