Genetic Testing

Health and Human Services

A child receives one half of their genetic information from the mother and one half from the father. The genetic testing compares the DNA makeup of the mother, the alleged father and the child to determine whether or not the man tested could be the child's biological father.  If genetic tests show a 99% or greater likelihood of paternity, the tested man is presumed to be the father. A Recognition of Parentage filed with Vital Statistics or a court order is still required to legally establish paternity.

Pine County will initially pay for the costs of genetic testing when Pine County is providing paternity establishment services. The father may be responsible for all or part of the costs. Most genetic testing samples are taken at the Pine County office sites. The samples are then sent to a licensed testing company to be analyzed.

Testing can be done if the mother and alleged father live in different locations or states. A collection kit can be sent to a hospital or lab near where the parties live.

Samples can be collected from children at any age. Buccal swab sample collections are done for most genetic testing situations. Four cotton swabs that are similar to ordinary Q-tips are rubbed on the inside of the cheek (buccal cavity) for about 30 seconds each.

Results are usually received approximately three to four weeks from the date the last sample is received. Results will not be given out over the phone. Results are mailed or an appointment is scheduled for you to come in and discuss the results.

If you do not have a case with Pine County, and want to have genetic testing done, you can contact a genetic testing facility for information.