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Family Health: 320-216-4150
Adult Health: 320-591-1598
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Pine County offers multiple programs for Pine County Residents:

  •  WIC - Women, Infant, Children program that provides help with providing good nutrition throughout your pregnancy and through 5 years of age. Contact WIC at 320-591-1596 to sign up or for anyquestions you may have related to WIC. To find out if you are eligible click here.
  •  Follow-Along Program to help you track your child’s milestones and give you tips for how to interact and help your child continue to grow. Contact Wendy at 320-216-4143 to sign up or click here to enroll. 
  •  Help Me Grow is a program that has many resources on child development, and can give parents information on specials services for children with disabilities or developmental concerns.  For additional information and referral forms click here.
  •  Car seat program families with Blue Plus insurance or Health Partners insurance may be eligible for a free car seat. 
  • Contact Wendy 320-216-4143 or Steph 320-591-1598. In addition to being eligible to receive a free car seat, Blue Plus and Health Partners Insurance offer a variety of incentives to those enrolled in their insurance programs. 
  • Click here for Blue Plus and here for Health Partners.
  •  Family Home Visiting supports families with young children by following development, providing education and connection to community resources. To get a glimpse of what family home visiting looks like here in Minnesota click here
  • If you are interested in family home visiting you can contact Samantha at 320-216-4150 or fill out the referral form found at the bottom of this page. Referral forms can be emailed to: or mailed to Attn: Samantha at 1610 Hwy 23 N Sandstone, MN 55072.
  • Childhood immunizations are very important for all children along with pregnant women having their vaccine for Pertussis and Influenza. Contact Stephanie at 320-591-1597 for more information related to immunizations. Minnesota parents and families share personal stories about why they feel immunization is important, to view these stories click here.
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