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Child and Teen Checkups


Child and Teen Checkups are routine health checkups for children from birth through their 21st birthday who are on Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care.  Eligible children are auto-enrolled in the Child and Teen Checkups program, and public health staff educate families about the screenings through reminder letters, home visits, and phone contacts. Checkups take place in their regular medical and dental clinic. Regular checkups ensure your child is healthy and that any concerns are caught and treated early.   Call your child's regular doctor today and ask for a Child and Teen Checkup! Need help finding a doctor, dentist, or clinic?
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When Should my Child get a Checkup?

A child should get checkups at the following times:

  • Between birth and 1 month
  • At 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 months
  • Yearly exams from age 2 - 21

What to Expect at a Checkup

  • Development and behavioral screenings
  • Education and information about the next stage in your child's development and growth
  • Immunizations (shots) - based on age
  • Lab tests, as needed
  • Height, weight, and other growth measurements
  • Physical exam
  • Social-emotional and mental health screenings
  • Time with your health care provider to discuss your questions and concerns
  • Vision and hearing tests
  • Referral to dentist or other outside providers

Where to Get Child & Teen Checkups

  • Your doctor or clinic. Call your family doctor for an appointment. Remember to ask specifically for a Child & Teen Check-up.
Health Care Incentives

Certain Medical Assistance plans offer incentives for certain health care services.  Follow the links below for current information on incentives offered through the health plans

            Blue Plus

            Health Partners

Additional Information
For additional information about Child and Teen Checkups, connecting with community resources (such as WIC or Help Me Grow) or assistance in locating a doctor, dentist, or clinic in the area, please contact Pine County Public Health at 320-216-4140.