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Family Home Visiting

Family Home Visiting is dedicated to the health and well-being of pregnant women and families with young children.  Our home visitors support families to give their baby the best start possible, and raise healthy children who are ready to succeed. Our staff are highly skilled and experienced in supporting families, and will support your relationship with your children and connect you with resources based on your family's specific needs. 

A public health nurse will visit you at home or another place you choose during your pregnancy and after the baby is born.  The nurse will provide helpful information, tools, and support as you grow as a parent. 

Why is home visiting helpful?

  • Every parent can use some extra support
  • Adding a baby to your family means many changes
  • Babies are learning and growing constantly in the first few years of life
  • Parents are their baby's first and more important teachers

What can a public health nurse help you with?

  • Caring for yourself during pregnancy
  • Preparing for birth and postpartum
  • Promoting your baby's health and well-being
  • Knowing if your child is growing and developing well
  • Creating a safe home for your child
  • Connecting with healthcare, childcare, school/job options, and other helpful services in the community
  • Reaching goals you want in your life
  • Evidenced Based Home Visiting: Families who enroll prenatally or within 6 weeks of birth can enroll in our Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting (MECSH) program and receive multiple incentives like $25 gift cards during their time participating in home visiting  
  • Breastfeeding SupportWe have trained certified lactation counselors who can support you in your breastfeeding journey. We welcome starting that support prenatally to help you get off on a good start!
  • Support Materials: During visits at times, we provide items to help you and your family! This includes breastfeeding supplies, safe sleep pack, toys like rattles/teethers, books, puzzles, oral hygiene supplies, potty training kits and other milestone gifts.

Have questions? Please contact:

Samantha Burch
320-372-2120 (work cell) or at 320-216-4150 (office)

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