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The Pine County Jail offers a full range of jail programs. Programs include supervised work programs; educational, therapeutic or religion-based programming; and recreation.

The programming area has an inmate library, computer lab (no internet usage), and several self help opportunities including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cognitive Thinking, Anger Management and religion-based groups that are facilitated by program volunteers and class facilitators from the community.

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Jail programming is a core component of the direct supervision philosophy. Programs and services offered at the Pine County Jail are designed to help inmates with the tools necessary to become more productive citizens upon their re-entry into the community. In addition, these programs and services assist jail staff with inmate management by keeping offenders occupied in a positive manner.

Educational Programs
• GED Preparation and Testing
• LIFE (Leaving Incarceration Finding Employment)
• 360 Career Skill Building
• Window Men's Outreach
• Window Advocates for Women

Work Programs
• Work Release (Huber)

Therapeutic Programs
• Alcoholics Anonymous
• Anger Management
• Chemical Freedom
• Cognitive Skills
• Narcotics Anonymous
• Recovering Hope 

Spiritual Programs
• Healing Prayer
• Jehovah's Witness
• Pilot Outreach
• Weekly Spiritual Group

Recreation is offered a minimum of 7 hours per week per DOC regulations. Equipment is purchased from inmate funds, phone card sales, and canteen purchases.

Recreation Programs
• Arts & Crafts
• Exercise & Fitness
• Games - Bingo, card & board games, bean bag tosses and puzzles
• Gymnasium - basketball, handball, volleyball, dodge ball,
   hackie sack, shuffleboard & indoor football 
• Ping Pong
• Quilting

quilting class 
  Quilting Program

Quilting Program  
The Pine County Jail Quilting Program began in September of 2009. Since this program began, well over 500 quilts have been completed and donated around the world.

The attractive and useful quilts are made by the female inmates at the Pine County Jail with the help of volunteers from Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Pine City. Quilting materials are largely donated by the church.

Finished quilts are given to refugees around the world, to those who have experienced devastating natural disasters in the United States, or to people in Pine County who have lost their homes to a fire or other disaster.

Program Staff
Jail Programs Coordinator James Reiser, and Recreation Director Matthew Seamon research, develop, organize, schedule and supervise the programs and services taking place in the jail facility.

In addition to the Programs Staff, approximately 85 program volunteers and class facilitators provide programs at the Pine County Jail.


James Reiser
Jail Programmer

Pine County Jail
635 Northridge Dr. NW
Suite 130
Pine City, MN 55063

(320) 591-1450

8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Contact Jail Programmer
James Reiser

Volunteer Opportunities
Work Release (Huber)
Inmate STS Program