Public Fingerprinting


Fingerprints for licensing or other non-criminal purposes can be completed at the following locations:


The Pine County Jail offers fingerprinting services at:

Pine County Jail
635 Northridge Dr. NW
Pine City, MN 55063

All fingerprinting is done by appointment, call 320-591-1448 or 320-591-1439.  Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., excluding holidays.

For safety we ask that everyone to be printed wear a mask.  Fingerprinting staff will be masked as well.

You will need to bring:
     ~ $20 in exact cash for two fingerprint cards
     ~ Current photo ID

We have print cards FD-258 available; if your agency requires a different form you will need to provide it. Extra cards are $1 each.