SOO Line Trail


The Pine County Regional Railroad Authority has purchased from the Soo Line Railway Company, an abandoned railway right-of-way known as the “Soo Line Trail”. The Soo Line Trail is deemed to be necessary for the continued operation by the County of a recreational and commercial right-of-way facility.  All traffic of every kind and nature on the Soo Line Trail is regulated to ensure the safety of the users and general public and to protect and benefit the people, economy, and natural resources of the County. 

Please enjoy the Soo Line Trail and all area trails.  Respect the rights of adjacent landowners by remaining in designated areas.  Authorized uses of the trailway are discussed in detail in the Official Soo Line Trail Rules and Safety Regulations Ordinance and are summarized below:


The Soo Line Trail may be used in the following manners without special permits from the County:

  • As a recreation trail for pedestrians, bicycles, horse drawn vehicles, off-highway motorcycles (OHM), and for All-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles as described by Minnesota Statutes.
  • As a access road to County lands for management purposes.
  • As a access road for fire protection and prevention; law enforcement; and emergency purposes.


Under no circumstances should the Soo Line Trail be used in the following manners:

  • As a permanent public transportation route for normal highway traffic.
  • As a permanent driveway or access to non-county administered lands.
  • As a log landing or storage area.
  • As a gravel, peat or mineral storage or processing area.
  • As a dumping area for garbage, refuse, debris, equipment, slash, spoils, or other refuse of any kind, at any time.
  • By automobiles, trucks, dune buggies or other motorized vehicles with engine displacement of 800 cubic centimeters or more and a total dry weight of 1500 pounds or more.
  • By all-terrain vehicles (as defined by MN Statute) between November 30 and April 1.

 Please refer to the Official Soo Line Trail Rules and Safety Regulations Ordinance for Special Permit and additional trailway regulations.

SOO LINE Trail Rules and Safety Regulations Ordinance