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For information on flood related issues, try the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's
Floods: Minimizing Pollution and Health Risks or the Minnesota Department of

Health's Disinfecting Flooded Private Water Wells.

The Department of Natural Resources has a number of good flood insurance resources including answers to frequently asked questions at: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/waters/watermgmt_section/floodplain/flood_insurance.html 


Pine County adopted an updated Flood Plain Management Ordinance in 2012.  The new ordinance is very similar to the previously adopted 1991 Flood Plain Ordinance and was adopted as a result of new flood plain maps and flood insurance study work by FEMA.  The new ordinance is is viewable by clicking the above link.  Please contact an Environmental Technician with questions about construction, permitting, and building placement and restrictions in Flood Plain locations.


Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) are official maps of a community in which FEMA has identified both the special hazard areas and the risk premium zones of the community.  To learn more about FIRMS including how to change or correct a FIRM please click this link to the FEMA FIRM page.

To view Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps and information please proceed to the FEMA Map Center.  Maps can be obtained by inserting your address in the "Product Search By . . . " feature at the  the upper portion of the page.  If searching by address does not work, please click this link to view All Pine County FEMA Flood Maps.  On this page you will need to make four (4) selections as follows:

  1. Select your State (Minnesota)
  2. Select your County (Pine)
  3. Select your Community (PINE COUNTY ALL JURISDICTIONS)
  4. Select the "Search" Button

Once you select the "Search" button a list of maps will be available to select.  The first map on the list is an Index map and will allow you to determine the correct map below it to select.  To view any of the maps on this list you must click on the magnifying glass icon below the work "View".   

When you find your FEMA map location (by address search or the more involved four (4) step process)  you are encouraged to create and print a "FIRMette" for your records and insurance company representative.

To learn more about flood insurance, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and additional flood resources please visit www.Floodsmart.gov .  Floodsmart.gov is the official site of the NFIP.


Do you disagree with a flood plain determination concerning your property?  Unfortunately, the burden of proving that a structure and/or property is elevated or otherwise located outside of a flood plain area is placed on the property owner.  To officially prove your flood plain status, it may be necessary to carry out a Letter Of Map Amendment (LOMA) process through FEMA. 

If a bank  or mortgage company thinks your property/home is too close, or in the floodplain, you can apply for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).    The MN Department of Natural Resources has instructions in the related links below including forms to apply for a LOMA (and related documents)  - at https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/waters/watermgmt_section/floodplain/map_appeals.html

Note that if the structure touches or is in the mapped floodplain, you will need a field survey that shows the lowest adjacent grade is higher than the flood elevation.  If you can see the house is not in the mapped floodplain, the DNR has indicated you do not need a survey to get a LOMA.  Contact a local surveyor accordingly if a field survey is required.  The County Surveyor maintains a "find a land surveyor" list at: https://www.co.pine.mn.us/document_center/Departments/public%20work/Contract%20List%20Land%20Surveyor%202019.pdf


If a project is located in a floodplain, Townships that administer their own building and/or septic permitting program are requested to use the Supplemental Floodplain Permit Review Form for floodplain referral to the Pine County Planning and Zoning Department. All floodplain requirements must be met prior to issuing permits in floodplain areas.  Failure to refer a floodplain construction project could result in significant flood insurance or other complications, penalties and/or costs to the responsible parties. 

 Links to Minnesota Flood Information

 Minnesota Stream Levels -— Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and MPCA Cooperative Stream Gaging

 National Weather Service (NWS) — Minnesota forecasts and flood information and forecasts.

 USGS Stream Flow Conditions — Provides daily updates on stream and river flooding conditions in Minnesota.

 Minnesota Department of Health — Cleanup and health tips for homeowners and businesses.

Flood Plain Regulations:

Flood Plain Map Index 1A An index map of flood plain maps covering the northern 2/3rds of Pine County
Flood Plain Map Index 2A An index map of flood plain maps covering the southern 2/3rds of Pine County
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