Land Use in Pine County

Planning and Zoning
What is land use and land use change? | TABLE Debates

Pine County Planning & Zoning is responsible for the administration and enforcement of land use regulations for county administered areas.

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Land Use
          Application For Building Site Permit
          --Shoreland Worksheet Attachment for Building Site Permit Application
          --Floodplain Worksheet Attachment for Building Site Permit Application
          Application for Grading and Filling Permit (Shoreland and Floodplain Only)
          --Floodplain Worksheet Attachment for Grading & Filling Permit Application
          Proposed Project Evaluation
          Lot Evaluation
          Shoreland Conditional Use Permit
          Non-Shoreland Conditional or Interim Use Permit Application
          Variance Application

Subdivision and Platting    
           Application for Minor Subdivision  
           Preliminary Plat
           Final Plat

          MN Wetlands Joint Application Form 
          Contractor Responsibility Form

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