Planning and Zoning

The Pine County Subdivision and Platting Ordinance outlines County rules and regulations ranging from the simple split of existing parcels (Minor Subdivisions) to the full subdivision development of roadways and lots using the Preliminary and Final Plat process. 


The most common land owner inquiries do not involve the construction of roadways and are concerned with Minor Subdivisions.  Minor Subdivision requirements are outlined in Section 4.0 of the Subdivision and Platting Ordinance and are provided in the Minor Subdivision Checklist and Application.  A basic Minor Subdivision requires: 

  • Township Zoning approval, in townships that regulate zoning, prior to submitting an application to the County (Many Townships maintain their own zoning and may require larger lots, more road frontage, or other regulations to be met prior to approval)
  • Minimum 300 feet of road frontage on and existing roadway 
  • Minimum 2.5 acre lots
  • Thorough and complete legal descriptions for all existing, proposed, an remaining parcels
  • Minimum 12 inches of standard soils

Minor Subdivisions can also be carried out to fix property line discrepancies and convey irregular shaped parcels to immediately adjacent land owners.  On a limited basis, a Minor Subdivision can take place utilizing a fee owned 66 ft. wide access strip to the adjacent road.    To build a home requires an on site Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS / Septic System).  State regulations require 12 inches of Standard Soil on any newly created lot.  A State licensed designer of septic systems can verify soils conditions. 
 State Licensed SSTS Inspectors, Designers, Installers and Maintainers


If you are considering the construction of roadways and development of property through the Preliminary/Final Plat process you are encouraged to review the full Subdivision and Platting Ordinance; contact the affected Township; and contact the Pine County Land and Zoning office.  The steps and investment necessary for the development of property through the platting process are extensive.  In taking this approach you are the “Developer” and are expected to thoroughly understand and follow the land use regulations and requirements (zoning, surveying, sewage treatment, engineering, environmental etc.) impacting your project.  In most instances, Developers will find it necessary to hire specialized consultants to assemble the information necessary to develop a property.  Significant investment in surveying, document preparation, soils & septic system analysis, wetland delineation, and engineering is necessary prior to submitting preliminary and final plat applications. 

Application for Minor Subdivision