Adult Probation


The department provides services to adult offenders for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor level offenses.  Probation Agents are responsible for ensuring the offender complies with Court ordered conditions.  To ensure this compliance agents may conduct random home visits, random drug/alcohol screening and make collateral contacts to family members, friends or other professionals working with the offender.  Other responsibilities include completing pre-sentence investigations, restitution studies, transfer investigations and violation reports.

DWI-Intensive Supervision Probation Program
Since 1998 repeat DWI offenders have benefited from this intensive supervision program.  The program provides a combination of intensive probation supervision and programming that focuses on chemical dependency and recovery.  Participation in the ISP program is in lieu of substantial and extended jail sentences. 

Pre-trial Conditional Release Supervision Program
An individual ordered to Pre-trial Conditional Release Supervision will be monitored by a probation agent within the department. This agent also monitors conditions ordered by the court and maintains appropriate contact with the defendant while their case is pending.