DWI Intensive Supervision Program


DWI-Intensive Supervision Probation Program
Since 1998 repeat DWI offenders have benefited from this intensive supervision program.  The program provides a combination of intensive probation supervision and programming that focuses on chemical dependency and recovery.  Participation in the ISP program is in lieu of substantial and extended jail sentences. 

Necessary qualifications for the program include: 

  1. Defendant is a resident of Pine County or of a county that has an ISP program 
  2. Defendant has one of the following with respect to prior DWIs: 

a) 2nd offense in 2 years 
b) 3rd offense in 10 years
c) 4th offense in lifetime

The program requires offenders to complete 4 phases of ISP with various conditions and responsibilities in each phase.  Offenders begin the program in Phase 1 and move through the phases based on progress and compliance with the conditions of probation.  Final approval to move to the next phase is at the probation agent’s discretion. 

Offenders are always subject to random and unannounced visits by probation and/or law enforcement to their home or employment. Visits also include being subject to random testing for drugs and alcohol.  The probation agent may also make collateral contacts with law enforcement, employers, professional staff, program agencies and significant family members about progress and behavior.