Juvenile Probation


The department provides services for juvenile offenders residing in Pine County who commit offenses ranging from petty offenses through felony offenses. We also provide Juvenile Diversion and Resorative Justice services.

Juveniles who have been found by the Court to have committed a petty offense are supervised by a case aide for up to six months at a low level of supervision. The case aide reviews the Court’s order and monitors compliance of the conditions specific to each case. Typical conditions include attendance at an educational class specific to the offense, chemical dependency assessments, restitution, and completion of community service work.

Juveniles who have been found by the Court to have committed a more serious misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or a felony offense or truancy are supervised by probation officers. The supervision period can last from six month up to the juvenile’s 19th birthday. In certain cases, juveniles may be found to be an “extended jurisdiction juvenile” which results in probation supervision on until age 21. The juvenile’s supervision level is determined by the juvenile’s score on the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory. Supervision levels range from “low” with quarterly face to face contacts, to “high” with weekly face to face contacts with the Intensive Supervision Program agent.

The probation officer ensures that the Court’s order is followed. Typical probation conditions include restitution, participation in an education program specific to the offense or juvenile's needs, completion of hours of community service work, mental health or family counseling, a chemical dependency assessment and/or treatment, and/or a period of detention in a juvenile correctional facility. Juveniles requiring additional services may be removed from their home and placed in foster homes, group foster homes, residential treatment facilities, or correctional programs. Progress reports are submitted to the Court on a regular basis and a court order is required before the juvenile is formally discharged from probation.