L.E.A.D.  4-hour DWI Education Program


L.E.A.D - 4 Hour DWI Education Program

Mission: To promote healthy and safe decision making through accessible regional DWI education

Our Requirements:

  • We do NOT accept cash or credit cards at the actual class, check or money orders only. Pre-registration and payment by credit cards, check, money order, or cash is highly recommended.
  • If you have not prepaid, payment will be collected at the class. Pine County Probation does not waive fees.
  • No alcohol or drug use prior to attendance.
  • If you are suspected of using alcohol or drugs, law enforcement will be called.
  • NO REFUNDS will be given if you are asked to leave because of suspicion of drug or alcohol use.
  • If you choose to or are asked to leave at any time during the presentation, you will not be re-admitted and you will not be refunded your fee, or provided with verification of attendance.
  • At the conclusion of the class you will be given a verification of attendance that you must retain and provide a copy to probation, court administration or any agency in reference to your case.
  • Failure to provide proof may result in additional consequences.
  • Weather cancellations will be made by 6:30am the day of the class. Call (320) 279-1282 if unsure of class status.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by email at Terry.Fawcett@co.pine.mn.us or by phone at (320)591-1550.

L.E.A.D. 2024 DATES: 3/16/24, 5/11/24, 9/14/2024 and 12/7/24

2024 L.E.A.D. Program Brochure