Probation Fees


Correctional Fees:

All adult offenders are charged a one-time probation fee based upon the period of probation ordered at the time of sentencing.

Probation Term: Fee Amount:
6 months $60
1 year $120
2 years $240
3 years $360
4 years $480
5 years $600
6 years $720
DWI ISP Fee $720

Payment is due within 60 days of sentencing however, payment plans can with arranged with the supervising agent.

UA Fees:
Adult offenders are charged $25 for positive UAs only.  Payment is due at the time of testing.

Cognitive Skills Program Fees:
The cost of the adult Cognitive Thinking Skills program is $200.  Payment is due prior to the start of class.  Payment plans are available upon request.

Cash, check, money orders and Visa/Mastercard are accepted for any fees. 

Make checks payable to: 
Pine Co. Treasurer - PCP Fees

If payment for any fee is not received within the above time requirements and a payment arrangement has not been made, the fee will be turned over to Pine County Collections.  A Revenue Recapture claim will be pursued.  This means that any income tax refund, property tax refund and/or state rebates would be intercepted and paid towards any fees.  Any lottery winnings over$600 may also be intercepted.