Veterans Restorative Justice Program (VRJP)


The Mission of the Pine County Veterans Restorative Justice Program (“VRJP”) is to promote public safety and rehabilitation of military veterans in the criminal justice system through enhanced supervision and individual accountability. The purpose of the program is to assist and support veterans by creating a coordinated response through collaboration with the Pine County Attorney's Office, the Pine County Veterans Services Office, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Pine County Probation, the Minnesota Department of Corrections, community-based services, and the criminal justice system.


The goals of the VRJP are to:

  • Promote public safety
  • Reduce criminal recidivism
  • Provide treatment and supervision to ensure sobriety and access to mental health care
  • Improve access to VA benefits and medical care
  • Improve access to community resources to ensure adequate housing, employment, education, and life stability
  • Assist veterans with other collateral legal issues (criminal or civil) that may impede their path to emotional and financial stability
  • Increase compliance with treatment and other court ordered conditions
  • Improve family relations and promote healthy social support connections
  • Implement Minnesota's Veterans Restorative Justice Act. (Sec. 609.1056 MN Statutes)


  • Served in the United States Armed Services and eligible for VA benefits or alternative treatment services
  • In most cases, charged with a crime that carries a presumptive probation sentence
  • Reside in Pine County
  • Have a diagnosable and treatable behavioral, chemical or mental health concern
  • conduct surrounding or leading to the offense charged is related to the effects of one's military service


  • Review the policy and procedure document and program rules (linked below)
  • Download and fill out the VRJP Application and VRJP Service Questionnaire
  • Have your Attorney submit your application to the County Attorney's Office or Pine County VSO (320-216-4250)

VRJP Policy and Procedure

VRJP Application

VRJP Program Rules

VRJP Peer Mentor Application

VRJP Service Questionnaire