Clergy Registration


  • A minister, clergy or any person authorized to solemnize a civil marriage in Minnesota shall bring in their original credentials to be filed with the Recorder’s Office.(Minnesota Statutes Annotated Domestic Relations Chapter 517 Marriage 517.05 Credentials of Minister)
  • The credentials need to show the authorization to perform marriages. If there is no authorization within the credential papers, then a letter will need to be provided showing authorization.
  • A “Certificate of Filing” will need to be completed when filing the credentials.
  • The fee is $20.00.
  • It is required that registration take place before a marriage ceremony is performed.
  • Clergy Registration can be done in ANY ONE COUNTY of the State of Minnesota.
  • It is not necessary to file in the county a marriage is taking place so long as registration has been done in another county in Minnesota.
Clergy Certificate of Filing