Deputy/Patrol Unit

Civil Process


This is general duty law enforcement work in the protection of life and property through the county. Employees in this classification patrol county areas in squad cars in the enforcement of law and in securing compliance with traffic regulations. Work also includes escorting prisoners and undertaking routine investigations. Work is normally performed on a rotating shift basis. Work involves an element of personal danger and employees must be able to act without direct supervision and to exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies. Assignments and general and special orders are received from the Sheriff or other supervisors, who reviews work methods and results through reports, inspections and instructions.

Mounted Patrol
The Pine County Sheriff's Patrol / Mounted Patrol provides some of the following;

  • Security for County Fairs
  • Security for Community Events
  • Search & Rescue assistance with the Pine County Sheriff's Department
  • Traffic Control
  • Participate in  parades

Boat & Water
The Pine County Boat and Water Division is equipped with two boats for patrol and search and rescue. Lakes and rivers are patrolled based on those that are navigable and most used from early May thru mid-September. The Boat and Water Division primarily enforces safety regulations on the lakes in accordance with DNR and county boating regulations, conducts rental boat inspections, and places navigation warning and regulatory markers to advise the boating public of hazards and no wake zones.

Boat and Water FAQs

When do I need a Water Event Permit, how do I apply for one, and how much does it cost?

A Water Event Permit is required by Minnesota State Statute Chapter 86B.121 and is needed whenever an event occurs on, in or upon the water. This would include events such as ice fishing contests, snowmobile races on the ice, summer fishing contests, triathalon races, etc.

For Special Event Permit Application, please click here.

There is a $15.00 permit application fee. If paying by check, check should be made payable to: Pine County Sheriff.

Please note: Other permits may be required by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Do I need a permit for a buoy or swim raft? If so, how much does a permit cost?

Minnesota Rules 6110.1800 state a permit is needed if a temporary structure, such as a buoy or swim raft which does not extend from shore, is left in the waters between the hours of sunset and sunrise. A written permit must be obtained from the Sheriff of the County where the buoy or swim raft is located.

There is a $15.00 permit application fee. If paying by check, check should be made payable to: Pine County Sheriff.

To request an application, please call the Sheriff's office at 320-629-8380.

  • DNR Grant Information
  • Boat and Water Completion Report
  • Boat and Water Special Event Permit Application
  • Boat and Water Special Event Liability Release Form
  • Raft-Buoy Permit