Sandstone - FCI


Pine County Sheriff's Office is frequently called upon to serve process on inmates at the Sandstone Federal Correctional Institution.  If you are requesting this service from our office, please keep in mind that we require the following:

  1. The inmate's full name with registration number or date of birth.
  2. Fee of $75.00 to be included in request made payable to Pine County Sheriff's Office.  However, we will invoice this fee to attorneys and other government agencies.   
  3. We do not serve the Warden in addition to the inmate unless that is included in the request.  There is an additional $10 fee for serving  the Warden. 



Civil Division

Mailing Address:
Pine County Sheriff's Office
Civil Division
635 Northridge Drive NW
Suite 100
Pine City, MN  55063
P: 320-629-8383
F: 320-629-8392