Special Event Permit


NOTICE TO APPLICANT:  You are required by Minnesota Statute 86B.121 to have a Sheriff's permit prior to holding an event on any body of water.  An event is defined as:

"A gathering of persons engaged in (organized) activities on waters of the state or public property adjacent to those waters that, in the sheriff's opinion, would have an impact on public safety or natural resources."

There is a $15.00 permit application fee (checks made payable to Pine County Sheriff).  In order to have a permit issued, all of the following MUST be filed with our office at least 30 days prior to the event.

A Sheriff's Special Event Permit application and liability release, filled out in its entirety, including signatures.  The Liability Release must be either notarized or witnessed by a Sheriff’s Office employee.
A letter of permission or a permit must be obtained from the city or cities, that the event will originate and conclude in. 
If your event is a fishing contest, you will need a DNR Fisheries permit if one or more of the following apply:
             a)    There are greater than thirty participants for open-water contests or 150 participants for ice fishing contests;
             b)    The entry fee is greater than $25 per person;
             c)    The total prize value is greater than $25,000; or
             d)    The contest is limited to trout species only.
             Please call the DNR at 651-297-3287 for an application. 
You must have proof of liability insurance naming the Pine County Sheriff's office as an additional insured. 
Attach a detailed map of any race course, competition area or ice event. 
Enclose any advertising and sample of entry form. 
In planning your event, please consider the following: 
         a)    Impact on waterway, surrounding shoreline, and area residents;
         b)    Parking and traffic considerations;
         c)    Access for police, fire, and medical services for your event and for local residents;
         d)    Fluid spills;
         e)    Toilet facilities;
         f)    Trash and recyclable materials;
         g)    Other considerations created by specific needs of your event.

Special Event Permit Application • Special Event Liability Release Form  

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