Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Program for Veterans with Individual Unemployability Ratings

Even though VA has awarded you total disability compensation for your service-connected condition because you are currently unemployable, you may still qualify for the training and services in the vocational rehabilitation program. From February 1, 1985, through January 31, 1992, moreover, you may receive two special considerations: You may receive employment services even if you are not eligible for any other assistance under the VA vocational rehabilitation program. In addition, if you obtain a job during the 7-year period, your total disability rating due to individual unemployability will be protected for 12 consecutive months of employment.

This program, originally a 4-year pilot program, was extended for 3 years to January 31, 1992, and is now entirely voluntary. If you are granted a total service-connected disability rating any time prior to February 1, 1992, you may request an evaluation from VA to determine if your ability to work can be restored. If VA determines that vocational rehabilitation services could restore your capability to work, you may take part in a rehabilitation program, but you are not required to do so.