Pine_LeanPine County has officially rolled out the “Pine County LEAN Initiative”. Please check out the “Completed Projects” list to see what we are up to.

What is the Pine County LEAN Initiative? It is a coordinated initiative for improving organizational performance and results in Pine County departments. Using time-tested process management principles and methods found in the LEAN approach with the simple goal of helping Pine County work better for its customers and employees.

Nearly every tangible output, service and product is the result of a process, or series of processes, contained within a system. By focusing on refining and improving processes to wring out waste, eliminate redundancies, add value and measure results, we can ensure the best opportunities for each government entity to reach its fullest level of organizational performance. Lean provides a set of tools to help supervisors and workers analyze, create and maintain processes that are clean, value-laden and sustainable. LEAN is not a means to reduce staff but to be more efficient and therefore complete more, with less.

You can get involved with the Pine County LEAN Initiative by simply emailing PineLEAN@co.pine.mn.us. Get involved by either suggesting a project idea, volunteering to be on a project or becoming a LEAN project facilitator. If you have questions on the initiative, please also use the above email.

“To create employee leaders, allow for open communication, working towards a common goal with unified interdepartmental efforts.” Pine County LEAN Initiative