Policies and Procedures


Pine County Retention Schedule
The Records Retention Schedule is a listing that sets forth the organization’s policy regarding how long records must be kept to meet both legal and operational requirements. In cases where there are conflicting legal requirements, the longest retention period specified in the law is followed. The Records Retention Schedule is media neutral, meaning that it applies to all records, regardless of form or physical location.

Pine County Policies and Procedures 
These Personnel Rules and Policies express the intent of the County Board of Commissioners to establish a uniform, comprehensive and efficient personnel management system for the County. This system is designed to provide for standards of excellence in employment and for the fair treatment of applicants and employees in all aspects of personnel administration.

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Definitions
Section 3: Recruitment and Selection Process
Section 4: Probationary Status
Section 5: Hours of Work
Section 6: Holidays
Section 7: Paid Time Off
Section 8: Insurance
Section 9: Classification and Grading
Section 10: Compensation
Section 11: Leaves of Absence
Section 12: Travel — Expense Vouchers
Section 13: Discipline and Corrective Action
Section 14: Grievance Procedures
Section 15: Separation from Employment
Section 16: Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Respectful Workplace
Section 17: Electronic Communications Resources (ECR) Policy - 2023 update
    Form 17: Employee Pledge to Confidentiality Form
Section 18: HIPAA Privacy Policy
Section 19: Drug and Alcohol Use Testing Policy
    Form 19: Drug and Alcohol Use Testing Policy Notification Form
Section 20: Transportation Employee Drug and Alcohol Use Testing Policy (CDL Drivers)
    Form 20: Employee Acknowledgement CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy form
Section 21: Safety and Health Policy
Section 22: Infectious Disease Policy
Section 23: Appearance and Dress Policy
Section 24: Pine County Purchasing Policy - Procurements for Non-Federal Funding
Section 25: Pine County Capital Asset Policy
Section 26: Photo ID Proximity Card Key Access
Section 27: Paid Time Off and Vacation Donation Program Policy
Section 28: Employee Assistance Program
Section 29: Prohibiting Firearms at Work
Section 30: Policy for Donation of Surplus Equipment to a Non-Profit Organization
    Form 30: Surplus Equipment Form
Section 31: Lactation — Breastfeeding Policy
Section 32: Media Requests
Section 33: Workplace Wellness Activities Policy
Section 34: North Pine Government Center Community Room Use Policy for Non-County Use
    Form 34: NPGC Community Room Use Policy for Non-County Use Form
Section 35: Employee Recognition Program
Section 36: Telework Agreement
    Form 36: Telework Approval Process
Section 37: Employee Training and Development
Section 38: Political Activity
Section 39: Right to Access Public Data
    Form 39: Data Request Form for Members of the Public
Section 40: Employee Referral Bonus Program
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