County Attorney's Office

The Pine County Attorney is an elected official with specific obligations that are set forth in Minnesota Statutes. County Attorney Reese Frederickson leads an office staff consisting of a Chief Deputy County Attorney, four Assistant County Attorneys, four Legal Secretaries and a Victim Services Coordinator. His office is located in the Pine County Courthouse, Pine City, MN.

The Pine County Attorney's Office serves as the chief prosecutor for all felony, gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor, petty misdemeanor, ordinance violations  and juvenile offenses committed within Pine County.

The Pine County Attorney’s Office serves as chief legal counsel for the Pine County Board of Commissioners and the various departments established and maintained by the Pine County Board of Commissioners.

The Pine County Attorney's Office does not offer legal opinions to private individuals. The County does not provide opinions to private parties in civil matters. Among the areas that are considered civil are: Landlord/Tenant, boundary lines, private covenants, collection of judgments, writ of execution, wills, probate, conservatorships, orders for protection, and dissolutions. This office does not conduct investigations. If you have further information on a pending matter you must contact the Pine County Sheriff’s Department.

The County Attorney's Office has the following functions:

  • Prosecutes all felony, gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor, petty misdemeanor, ordinance violations and juvenile crimes within the County.
  • Provides legal advice and civil law to the County Board and other county departments as needed.
  • May defend the County and/or its officers in civil litigation where such a suit is not covered by the County's insurance trust.
  • Reviews legal documents, such as contracts and agreements that are developed between the County and other parties.

This office does not provide legal advice or assistance to private citizens or others seeking legal advice.

Legal Assistance
If you need legal assistance you may contact one of the following numbers:

  • Minnesota State Bar Association (800) 882-MSBA or (800) 882-6722
  • Attorney Referral Service (800) 292-4152
  • Legal Aid (800) 622-7773
To Report a Crime
To report a crime, please contact the Pine County Sheriff’s Department non-emergency at (320) 629-8380.

County Attorney

County Attorney Reese Frederickson - Copy (2)

Reese Frederickson
Pine County Attorney

635 Northridge Dr. NW
Suite 310 

Pine City, MN 55063 

1 (800) 450-7463 ext. 1560 

8:00am- 4:30pm Monday thru Friday

P: 320-591-1560
F: 320-591-1558