Pine County Economic Development

Economic Development
The mission of the Pine County Economic Development Office is to grow the county tax base, improve economic diversity, and enhance the quality of life in the County.  It will do so by developing a county-level effort that creates jobs, coordinates existing efforts, is in partnership with community programs and officials and fills the gaps in economic development.

2023 Goals:

  1. Show that Pine County is ready for development.
  2. Evaluate funding to maximize the impact on the community.
  3. Engage with local jurisdictions within the County.
  4. Continue to collaborate with local organizations [schools, business & workforce development, tourism, housing & broadband].

2023 Action Plan (linked here)

Pine County offers the best of both worlds. Its location on the I-35 corridor makes for ease of access to all the attractions and markets of the Twin Cities and Duluth. At the same time, its attractive small towns and rolling, wooded countryside speckled with many recreational amenities represent the best of rural living. It is a splendid place to work and live.



Economic Development

Lezlie Sauter

Economic Development Coordinator

Pine County Courthouse 
635 Northridge Drive NW
Suite 200
Pine City, MN 55063
P: 320-591-0019