Public Health

Public Health


The mission of Pine County Public Health is "To promote and protect the health, well-being, and self-sufficiency of all residents of Pine County."  

The mission is driven by our internal vision of Pine County. Elements of those values include:
  • Prepared and Resilient Communities - building the community's ability to be prepared and respond to public health needs, and bounce back when challenges occur. 
  • Healthy Communities - The driving force behind everything we do in public health. Encompasses everything from healthy families to active communities.
  • Strong Community Partnerships - establishing and maintaining a continuum of support from public health prevention through tertiary care community partners. Building and promoting community collaboration across sectors.
  • Strong Organization - maintaining a strong health and human services division, with well-established relationships between public health and social services. Includes solid, progressive, adaptable leadership able to support a solid team and be responsive to the ever-changing public health landscape. 
Safe Teens, Strong Communities  (1)

Pine County offers multiple programs for Pine County Residents:

  • Follow-Along Program to help you track your child’s milestones and give you tips for how to interact and help your child continue to grow. Contact Jess at 320-216-4154 to sign up or click here to enroll. 
  • Help Me Grow is a program that has many resources on child development, and can give parents information on specials services for children with disabilities or developmental concerns.  For additional information and referral forms click here.
  • Childhood immunizations are very important for all children along with pregnant women having their vaccine for Pertussis and Influenza. Contact Krista at 320-216-4143 for more information related to immunizations. 


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